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About Us

Café Estelle is named for Estelle Green, Chef Marshall Green’s grandmother who ran a catering company in New York. Early on, Estelle instilled in Marshall a love of eating and creating great food. She taught him that food was a way to bring people together and share in an intimate experience.

Marshall Green is a graduate of New England Culinary Institute and has worked in many high-profile restaurants in Philadelphia, including Fork, Django, Ansill & Meritage. He is a native Philadelphian now living in South Philly with his 2 dogs, cat and many fish. Marshall enjoys Irish whiskey, local beers, the Phillies and growing an assortment of vegetables and herbs in the concrete jungle that is his backyard.

We believe in a healthy and sustainable way of living. All our breads and pastries (except bagels) are made on-site. As is our sausage, bacon, brined and smoked turkey, mozzarella cheese, ice cream, club soda and mayo, to name a few. We provide local and organic products whenever possible. Including organic brown eggs; naturally raised free range meats; hormone and antibiotic-free dairy; fair trade, organic and locally roasted coffee; fair trade and organic chocolates; single-origin, organic teas. Even our take out & paper products are made from sustainable, recycled & compostable material. Simply put, we believe quality and caring = good food.

Our brand partners. We’ve worked with a few local organizations and businesses over the years that have helped us significantly when we needed it, and we can’t thank them enough:

Check Maid house cleaning

We’ve used Check Maid over a year now and they’ve been one of the friendliest, most helpful allies here in Philadelphia that we could ask for.

Philadelphia Inquirer reviews

The Philadelphia Inquirer has given us many reviews over the years, boasting our consistency and quality. We can never thank them enough for their patronage.

Philadelphia City Government


Thanks to friends and family at, we have had significant help with our business from day 1. We couldn’t be more lucky to be in a city that is as supportive of it’s small business community.